Thursday, November 29, 2007


Hello CIS 339! Greetings from Houston!

I have a request for our math teachers, who meet today for content area planning:

We are meeting at lunch to decide on which workshops to attend this afternoon. But we would like to get some suggestions from our math teachers at the school for Friday's workshops. Are there any workshop titles that are particularly interesting to you? We could assign one of our NCTM team members to go and then report back.

Please check out the Houston NCTM site and then download the "program book." It is linked under the "Sessions" header.

You can post comments to this entry. List the name of the workshop we should check out and a reason! Thanks for your ideas.

FYI- The intended grade level audience for each workshop offering is in parentheses ( )


Rice said...

The pd's we chose were as follows:
183: Gifted Students: We would like to know how to differentiate instructions so that higher level students can be challenged

169: We want to be able to engage student when we teach algorithmic math

163: We feel that this will help us engage all students.

David Prinstein said...

I went to a workshop this morning that was all about how to make the questions we ask students in math class more rigorous and more conceptually challenging. When I get a broadband connection, I can send my notes.

As far as this afternoon, I'd like to go to '183', because it sounds like a continuation. I'll let you know how it is.

-Prinstein in Houston

i. Hernandez said...

As per the request I am glad that the session for Gifted Students is one of the PD available. I am interested to receive information regarding the best direction to use to address specific skill building with this population. Please bring back resources materials and any handout the is available for use. Thank you...

Jenkins said...

from mr minton:

The ones we recommended were 160, Mr. Shaw wanted 170, and 187 was the most important because of the central role that algebraic thinking takes in 8th grade.