Thursday, November 29, 2007

How This Blog Started

On Thursday at 7:45 AM, we were motoring around Houston in a Marriott Van. I had my backpack stuffed with all the tech essentials: laptop, charger, Blackberry, Sprint PCS broadband card, digital camera...

And then I realized that I had a complete blogger's kit. I didn't just have the technical hardware. Thanks to our Aussie consultant Pat Wagner's PD launch, I'd been trained on the online blogging tools. I thought about how Pat had commented (more than once) about the benefits of modeling Web 2.0 tools. I remembered how another D.O.E. colleague had looked at me in August, shaken her head and said:

"You should be blogging."

A few snaps of the camera and some maneuvers through and...voila! One paragraph and a pic from our AM van trip were posted, and we were on our way. My first thought was to share our experiences with our own school community. How could we create a bridge back to the school and involve everyone in our professional development excursion?

Usually blogs serve to share our thoughts and experiences with the whole world. But I think my first series of entries will connect our conference team with the CIS 339 world. The concept of "blog audience" will be an interesting one over time, and I'm curious to see how my posts will differ depending on intended audience.

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