Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm certain that most of our staff and students are sleeping right now. At least I hope they are. They couldn't possibly be thinking about how a new school year has started today, on July 1.

But I am.

The evening of June 30th is sort of a New Year's Eve for city principals, but with far less champagne. Budgets roll over. Excess lists are issued. Summer school is just around the corner. And as 12-month employees, our contract for next year starts today.

My friends often ask, "Do you work over the summer?" After all, when they were growing up, schools were empty places for two months, and their principal had a September to June function.

"Yes," I reply. "The summer is when the behind-the-scenes work happens." Hiring fairs, programming, purchasing curriculum materials--all are on my agenda for the coming weeks. It is a time to reflect, to develop strategy, and to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

So Happy New School Year, my fellow principals. May this school year be your best yet.

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Luis said...

Hi Jason

Thank You, Happy New School Year to you too.

Luis Liz