Monday, January 26, 2009

IST Training Today

Gary and Fran are here from Turnaround for Children. They are training our administrators, support staff, interventionists and team leaders on the Instructional Support Team (IST) process. IST's meet each week to action plan around interventions for struggling students.

I am re-working lunch duty schedules so that Assistant Principals can
attend their grade level IST's, which meet on Tuesday and Thursday. A typical IST is comprised of:
  • Team's teachers (6-10)
  • Assistant Principal
  • Team Leader (Teacher)
  • Grade-level guidance counselor
  • Parent Coordinator
The IST meeting will follow Turnaround's protocols, and will reflect the needs of our children. Depending on the focus of each meeting, different school personnel will attend. For example, if a child with attendance issues is being discussed one day, personnel from the school's attendance team might attend to support.

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