Sunday, November 9, 2008

The 2.0 President

I've been following President-Elect Obama's transition team's moves. Of particular interest will be his appointment of Education Secretary. I've also learned that his administration will feature our county's first Chief Technology Officer. It sounds like this position will be charged with ensuring that the Internet stays fast and accessible for all Americans, and that the Federal government becomes more transparent.

These are two distinctly different components to technology leadership: connectivity and creativity. The CTO will need to shepherd tremendous investment to infrastructure, broadband development and the logistics of a national grid which connects all Americans. In addition, the CTO will need to bring 2.0 web tools to an antiquated bureaucracy. It will be interesting to see which team of innovative Americans will have the pragmatic ingenuity necessary to both 'wire' and 'wow' the electorate.

At 339, we've learned that web 2.0 tools can transform teamwork and transparency through real-time collaboration and streamlined communication. It is invigorating that we've elected a President who understands the potential that technology offers to those who would further perfect our Union.

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