Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Using Google To Transform a School

This is our presentation from Nashville, Tennessee:

Also, here is our Professional Development Google Site, with presentations we've making.


Colette Cassinelli said...

As a new Google Certified Teacher I must say I am completely impressed with how your school has embraced Google Apps at your school. Watching the video and looking at your PPT gave me so many ideas of how to use Google with my staff. (Thanks to Jesse for sharing the video with other GCTs).

Would you consider sharing blank templates of some of your administration docs & spreadsheets with other educators? Maybe Google will place them on the new template page:

Great work and thanks for your leadership. We need more Principals like you!

Sallie said...

I was at the GTA with Jesse and am VERY impressed with what you all are doing! I'm planning on highlighting your school when I do some professional development for admins of a school system thinking of moving to Google Apps. Keep up the good work! There is no doubt that you all are making a huge difference in your students' lives :) I posted a quick blog post about you all at

Daniel said...

Jason, congrats on all the great work accomplished at 339 this year, and thanks for sharing these resources. I look forward to following your progress on this blog, as you continue day by day, along with your team, to transform teaching and learning at 339.

Steve Collis said...

Hi there Jason,

My name is Steve Collis - I am a teacher from Northern Beaches Christian School in Australia. My Principal Stephen Harris, myself, and a colleague, are coming to America to visit a range of innovative schools. We'd like to visit your school if this is possible - perhaps for half a day?

We're looking at Monday the 3rd, or the 4th or 5th of November - aware that the 4th is election day.

You can contact me at:

without the number or underscores at the start (futilely trying to beat the spambots!).

My school is:

My blog is


Steve Collis