Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today's Lesson Was a Hit!

Ms. Wolk and I have been working with Class 602 on The Giver. Today's lesson focused on how character mood changes depending on their circumstances.

We started by gmailing students a link to a "How do you feel today?" chart, and matched that with a "How do you feel today?" quiz. For the quiz, we used a Google form:

The student quiz results went automatically from the form into a Google spreadsheet:

From there, we modeled how to quote the book and identify character mood in a Google Document.

Finally, we broke the kids into groups so they could use body language to show how Jonas's mood might change over the course of a chapter.


Pat Wagner said...

Thank you for sharing. You are modeling so many things at once here - tech integration, team teaching, engagement, effective lesson planning, celebration and leadership.

Ms. Wolk's E-Portfolio said...

Class 602 has really impressed me. They are so receptive to the technology and its capabilities. Not only are they enjoying the reading of The Giver, they love getting on the laptops and using their knowledge and skills to impress both Mr. Levy and I. They love it so much, they always anticipate Mr. Levy's visit asking "is Mr. Levy coming today?" On that note, all classes should have the opportunity to experience Mr. Levy in their classrooms!!!