Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday at Educon 2.0

This is being called an "unconference" and is planned to be a series of 'conversations.' The traditional professional development workshop involves one presenter (expert) and several attendees (learners). Apparently the "unconference" means that everyone is learning from everyone, and the goal is to stimulate thought and action through discussion.

Here are the sessions being offered:

Session 1 - Saturday
  • Influence without authority: Finding Common Ground to Frame Innovation and Change
  • The C.E.S. 10 Common Principles and the 2.0 School
  • Advisory: The Soul of School
  • Little Green Schoolhouse (or School 4.0)
  • SLA's Use of Moodle as a Classroom Tool
  • Professional Development Using Social Software
  • Meaningful Mentoring: The Individualized Learning Plan
  • Harness Visual Learning for Critical Thinking, Writing, Presenting and Thinking
Session 2 - Saturday
  • Personal Learning Networks and the Demands of Schooling
  • Claiming What We Imagine
  • Learning to Teach: First Year in a Progressive School
  • Tearing Down the Walls: Practicing What We Preach
  • Online Collaboration 101: Using Twitter and Skype
  • Promoting Open, Reflective Teaching and Learning in Elementary MST
  • Public Partnership: The Science Leadership Academy and The Franklin Institute
  • We're All Student Teachers
Session 3 - Saturday
  • What does good teaching with computers look like?
  • Extreme Makeover Edition: How to Pimp Your Library
  • New Media Literacies for the 21st Century
  • Knowledge in a One-Size-Fits-All Classroom
  • Building School 2.0--New Tools and Dewey's Dream
  • Authentic Learning
  • Engineering: The Constructivist Curriculum
  • Student Empowerment: Constitution High School's Government

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